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Raw and Unfiltered? - Yes

Many of you know, it is getting harder to locate "pure" honey, still in it's natural state. We are often asked if our honey is raw and unfiltered. The simple answer is "yes" but we want you as the consumer to understand our processing. The definition of "pure", "raw" and "unfiltered" can vary depending on who you ask or which label you read. Legally, honey can be mixed with up to 19% corn syrup and still be labeled "pure". The addition of corn syrup keeps commercial honey pourable and from quickly crystallizing. We at Austin Family Honey Company want you to know that our honey has no additives and is as unprocessed as you can get without robbing the bees yourself. Because the purest honey crystallizes fairly quickly, we have to heat the honey up to 75-85 degrees to make it pourable for bottling (healthy enzymes begin to break down at temperatures over 100 degrees). The honey is then poured through a screen to strain out bee parts and bottled as it is ordered. Crystallized honey, once considered old and a nuisance, can actually be an indication of the purity of the product.


Young Entrepreneurs

The Austin Family Honey Company was started in the spring of 2008. Three of the Austin grandchildren, brothers Clay (11) and Eric (12) Carney joined forces with cousin William Austin (13) as partners in a business where they could demonstrate their own passion for the farming industry.

Interest in bee production began with Eric at age 8 when he attended a conference with Tony and Glenn. He was mesmerized by listening to a bee keeper give a presentation on all the positives of raising honey bees. Eric's passion for bees continued to grow until Papa Glenn finally presented the boys with 12 colonies of bees, and all the equipment needed to get started in beekeeping. The boys have a mentor who has 30 years of experience. He works with them on a regular basis. The boys have continued their training by attending conferences on all phases of honey production. They are often asked to make educational presentations to groups that are interested in honeybees and their contribution to our food supply. Their honey business has been a hit. In 2009 they won the Young Entrepreneurs of Colorado award. They have also been featured in numerous newspaper and TV news stories.

2018 CSA Season is OverOctober 24th, 2018

Thank you so much for being a part of the Austin Family Farm CSA program this season.  Because of your ongoing support we were able to do what we love doing - offering the best produce possible.&

Start of CSA!! on 7/11/2018July 6th, 2018

The 11th brings a start to our CSA season with our first round of fresh, local food being delivered to you!!

2018 Season Signups are in Full Swing!!April 25th, 2018

Happy Spring! We are experiencing some March weather in the middle of April, but the 2018 CSA season will be here before we know it!  Normally, members who have signed up for our CSA and paid in

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