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Harvest Season is Around the Corner

Posted 6/16/2014 2:22pm by Tim Austin.

Warm weather has worked its magic.   The cherries will be ripe very soon.   We plan to start picking sometime this coming weekend.  That assumes we don't get a cold snap in the next few days.

We anticipate that the first CSA delivery will be Wednesday, June 25 and 26.  Please read below for instructions on picking up your box.

CSA Box: Each week you will receive a box of fresh produce from Austin Family Farm.  The standard size box will contain approximately 8-10 lbs of fresh picked produce and the family size will contain 16-20 lbs.  Generally, you will find 4-5 different vegetable and fruit varieties in the box.  In farming, the first and last weeks of harvest season typically offer limited variety of ripe produce so we often supplement the lack of variety with samples of our honey, Big Bs juices, eggs or other local products.  We think you will enjoy what we have to offer.

Pickups: When you signed up for your CSA membership at the Austin Family Farm website you would have seen the approximate time to pick up your box.  The first couple of weeks will help you pinpoint the time more accurately.  Depending on your location the truck will have navigated several of Colorado's most challenging roads earlier in the day.  So the pickup times can be tough to predict until we have traveled the roads loaded.  Once you figure out what time the truck arrives it will be at a similar time most of the season.  Although you might want to arrive a bit later in the heavy part of the season in September and early October.

There were a couple pickup locations that didn't get enough members signed up to make that location viable so a few of you will hear  from us soon once we determine what is best to do to accommodate those members.

Vacations: If you plan to be on vacation or would like to put a hold on your account for a week or two please log back on to your account at the Austin Family Farm website and let us know if you want to get a double box the following week, donate the box to families in need or simply have a friend pick up the box for you.

Season Changes: As the season wears on, sometimes the pickup times can adjust back a little bit here and there because the loads are bigger, the truck slower, or previous deliveries take longer.   We appreciate your patience and flexibility.

Guarantee: All products grown and sold by Austin Family Farms are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.  If you receive a product that is substandard in any way please let us know.  We will replace it, refund your money, substitute something better or make it right to the best of our ability.  We may ask you to refrigerate or store the substandard product so that we can see what is wrong to make sure and avoid the problem in the future.

Damage by Mother Nature: Paonia, Colorado sits at 5400 ft elevation in the beautiful North Fork Valley.  Most growers worldwide consider that elevation to be right on the ragged edge of being able to produce fruit commercially.  While fruit produced at high elevation generally possesses the very best flavor, the cold and wide temperature swings that produce the wonderful flavor can damage the delicate blossom and ruin an entire crop.  This year we have a smaller than normal cherry crop and a scant apricot crop.  CSA members will still have cherries and maybe a few apricots but not like we've had in the past.   Not to worry though, because the peach crop is looking very good.   One of the advantages we have at Austin Family Farm is that by growing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, when one crop fails we are able to substitute another without our CSA members even knowing anything was amiss.

Purchase from our stores: Many of our CSA customers pick up their box at the local natural food store.  When you find something in the box that you really enjoy, please ask the store clerk to order more of that item for you the following week.

Come visit the farm: When someone becomes a CSA member with Austin Family Farm we want you to come to the farm sometime in the summer or fall.   Bring the kids, or grandkids.  Let them pick a peach or apple or dig a potato to gain a better understanding of where their food comes from and how it is grown.  Talk with my dad and ask any questions you have about soil health or growing practices.  Pick berries alongside my mom and ask her any questions you might have about farmers markets, root systems or irrigation water.  Learn more about pure food, gentle growing methods, or how sunshine affects each product.   Meet all the family members and join in with whatever is going on.   Bring tents or campers and spend the night if you can.

Welcome to our CSA program.  Welcome to the farm.   Welcome to pure food and farming methods that date back centuries.

Thank you for supporting our small family farm!



Tim Austin

Austin Family Farm

14741 Canyon Rd.

Paonia, Colorado   81428



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