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2016 CSA Season

Posted 3/8/2016 4:26pm by Tim Austin.

Happy Spring!  Well, almost. 

We want to start our year with a huge "thank you" to all our CSA customers from the past.  Because of you, we are able to do what we love to do, grow the purest, best tasting, highest quality local fruit and vegetables in the country.  That is our goal again this year. 

Mother Nature played a cool trick on us this winter.  Paonia enjoys a fairly dry and arid climate. Looking to the southwest we can see the tip of the expansive desert that runs down into Mexico and to the Pacific Ocean.  Because of weather patterns moving over the desert toward us, we generally enjoy a milder climate than most areas at similar elevation in Colorado.  Translated, what that means is that normally during the winter we get a dozen snow incidents here in this valley and within a couple days it is all melted.  This winter we started getting snow the week before Christmas and that snow didn't melt until the first of March.  For nearly 2 1/2 months that snow hung around.  The slow melt over the last couple weeks provided the dry thirsty land with a refreshing drink of cold water.  The renewed land will soon bring forth an abundant harvest.

For some reason the upcoming harvest season can bring a sense of excitement but also a bit of dread.  Farmers know that a long endurance race is before us, starting with pruning trees and planting seeds in March and ending when we put the last box of winter squash and potatoes in the root cellar in November.  But the kicker is that we know we will put in lots of 16 hour days in between.  But for some reason there is far less dread and much more excitement and anticipation in the air.  We are truly geared up and ready like a sprinter in the starting blocks, we can't wait to hear the starting gun that Mother Nature will sound. 

We have looked into our crystal ball to try and figure out when our first CSA box will be delivered.  But the image is cloudy, mostly unclear.  But our bet is the first box will show up sometime around the first or second week of July.  We will start harvesting a limited number of items in June to supply to our natural food store customers and restaurant customers.  But the preseason harvest just doesn't give us the variety, quantity or quality of produce we want to put in the boxes.  So generally by early July we are harvesting sufficient quantities to start filling the CSA boxes.   We are committing to 16 weeks which will place the last box on the calendar near the end of October. 

The CSA program is priced the same as last year and we anticipate similar delivery times each week, baring traffic, weather or other problems.   Anyone who signs up and pays in full by April 15 will receive a free bonus flat of peaches in season.

Please join us in this brand new season.  We appreciate you and your participation with our farm.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Tim Austin

Austin Family Farms




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