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2017 CSA Sign up

Posted 2/21/2017 5:41pm by Austin Family Farm.

Good afternoon,

Though we are still in the dead of winter, CSA sign-up is just around the corner.   It is hard to believe we are already talking about the 2017 harvest season.  We want to thank you for being a part of our CSA program in the past. We are hoping that this year will see the abundant harvest we experienced last year. We heard a ton of great comments about the extra boxes of peaches and apples we were able to provide because of the bumper crop.

What is a CSA: CSA is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture. Membership entitles you to receive a share of the production of the farm for the harvest season. Each week, starting sometime by mid-July running through mid-October, members receive a box of fresh produce from Austin Family Farm. The standard size box will contain approximately 8-10 lbs of fresh pure produce and the family size boxes will generally contain 16-20 lbs. Most weeks, you will find 4-5 different vegetable and fruit varieties in each box.

CSA pickup locations: Please log on to our website, www.AustinFamilyFarm.com to sign up, choose your pickup location, choose payment method and see the approximate time to pick up your box each week. The delivery times will vary a tiny bit as the season wears on. Depending on your location the truck will have navigated several of Colorado's most challenging roads earlier in the day, therefore late-day deliveries may arrive a bit later each week. Please be courteous to your host and arrive at a reasonable time to pick up your box. We appreciate your patience and flexibility.

Vacations: If you plan to be on vacation or would like to put a hold on your account for a week or two please log back on to your account at the Austin Family Farm website. Let us know if you want to get a double box the following week or we can donate the box to families in need.

Come visit the farm: When someone becomes a CSA member with Austin Family Farm we invite you to come to the farm to meet the people who grow your food.   Bring the kids, or grandkids. Let them pick a peach or apple or dig a potato to gain a better understanding of where their food comes from and how it is grown. Talk with my dad and ask any questions you have about soil health or growing practices. Pick berries alongside my mom and ask her any questions you might have about farmers markets or berry canes. Learn more about pure food, gentle growing methods, or how soil health affects each bite of food we eat. Meet all the family members and join in with whatever is going on.   Bring tents or campers and spend the night if you can.

Guarantee: All products grown and sold by Austin Family Farms are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. If you receive a product that is substandard in any way please let us know. We will replace it, substitute a different product or make it right to the best of our ability. We may ask you to refrigerate or store the substandard product so that we can see what is wrong to make sure and prevent the problem in the future.

The Farm: Paonia, Colorado sits at 5400 ft elevation in the beautiful North Fork Valley. Most growers worldwide consider that elevation to be right on the ragged edge of being able to produce fruit commercially. While fruit produced at high elevation possesses the very best flavor, the cold and wide temperature swings that produce the wonderful flavor can damage the delicate blossom and render the tree fruitless for that season.   Last season we experienced the best production we have had in years.   One of the advantages we have at Austin Family Farm is that by growing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, when one crop fails we are able to substitute another.

Purchase from our stores: Many of our CSA customers pick up their box at the local natural food store. When you find something in the box that you really enjoy, please ask the store clerk to order more of that item the following week. For those of you who choose to pick up at a location that does not stock our products we would be happy to put your email address on our weekly wholesale price list. You can purchase produce, by the case, anytime you want and your order will be delivered along with your CSA box. Please let us know if you would like to receive the weekly price list.

Reuse Reduce Recycle: We do our best to use resources responsibly. Not only do we raise crops in the cleanest, most efficient and sustainable methods possible but we regularly reuse boxes that are still in good shape. To help us in that endeavor, please bring your box back to your pick-up location and we will reuse it as many times as practical.

Spread The Word: If you have neighbors, friends, family members, or anyone else who might want to be a part of our CSA program, please direct them to our website. We accept pro-rated sign-ups even after the season has started. Please spread the word to help us distribute our pure produce to as many people as possible.

Bonus Offer: We are offering a signing bonus again this year. If you sign up and pay in full by April 15th you will receive a free flat of fruit during the season. Welcome to our CSA program. Welcome to the farm.   Welcome to pure food and farming methods that date back centuries. There is more information about our program in the website under program details. Thank you for supporting our small family farm!  


Tim Austin

Austin Family Farm

(719) 338-4146



Hosts: We want to make sure that everyone knows the host responsibilities.

1.  Please make a place available that is easily accessible for the CSA members.  If it is outside please pick a shady spot if possible so the produce doesn't get too warm or wet.

2.  Make sure everyone is able to pick up their boxes.  Member’s name and phone number is on the label on each box.  If someone does not pick up their box by the specified time please call them and remind them to pick up their box.

3.  If you are unable to contact the member please refrigerate the box, if possible, and put it out the next day.  If the box is not picked up by the end of the following day, please feel free to use the produce or give it to someone who might appreciate fresh pure fruit and vegetables.

4.  If a member fails to pick up the box a couple weeks in a row please contact us and let us know.  We will be happy to follow up and find out if a problem has arisen.

5.  Provide feedback to us concerning member comments, questions, concerns or suggestions.  We value member input highly, it helps us insure the best quality, convenience, timeliness and variety possible.

6.  Tentatively we are planning on keeping a similar schedule as last year, but you know the delivery times can vary depending on traffic, weather, and other unforeseen possibilities.  The first delivery will probably occur on the first or second week of July depending on when Mother Nature decides to provide us with sufficient variety and volume of produce to fill the boxes.  

If you want to become a host we are always looking for more locations close to Tim’s delivery route to give people more options to pick up that are more convenient for them. Our CSA program can also be used as a fund-raiser for schools or church groups. Please contact us for details.

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