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Let's Talk Peppers!

Posted 7/29/2020 1:28pm by Nancy.

Greetings from Mountain Freshies!  

More fruit came your way this week including a beautiful cantaloupe, a few peaches and some Shiro Plums which are fantastic! 

We also included some peppers and a few other items in your boxes this week that you might not recognize, so we thought you might appreciate a visual to help identify some of what's in your box!  Please remember that we don't always have enough of each item for all the boxes, so you may not receive everything that is shown here. 

1: Turnips!  We've been holding onto a recipe to share with you until we have enough turnips to go into all the boxes.  Until then, they are great just sliced and thrown on the grill with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.  

2:  8 Ball Squashes

3: Lavender Bell Peppers (not spicy)

4: Jalapeños (medium spicy)

5: Chili Peppers (may be a mixture of Big Jim - mild when green and/or Anaheim Chargers - mild and flavorful)

6: Gypsy Peppers (zero on the heat scale)

7: Patty Pan Squashes (may be either green or yellow)

8: Lemon Cucumbers (they don't taste like lemon but they are tender, crisp and sweet and the skins are pretty thin, so you don't necessarily have to peel them, you can try mixing them in to this week's recipe)

When it comes to peppers, when in doubt, try them out!  Everyone's tolerance is different, so it is wise to test a small bit before going all in!  Also, remember not to touch your eyes when working with peppers, especially if you have a child helping you in the kitchen.  

Please let us know if this is helpful or if you have any other questions.  Enjoy your boxes!!

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