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Fire in the Mountains

Posted 8/12/2020 11:13am by Nancy.

Our thoughts are with the firefighters, evacuees and everyone affected by the Grizzly Creek fire which has closed both eastbound and westbound traffic on I-70 in Glenwood Canyon.  We discussed options in order to stay on schedule for our front range deliveries today and the best solution was for Greg to start early at 4 am to drive our fully loaded box truck over Independence Pass, through Leadville to I-70, and then backtrack to Gypsum.  We return sometimes on IP with the truck empty and it is not an issue, but if you are familiar with Independence Pass, then you know it is a bit harrowing. Sometimes running freshies out of the mountains is not so easy, but our plan worked and he was right on time this morning for our first deliveries.  We hope everyone impacted by the fires stays safe and that it is under control soon.


Now for some happier news, this week we've included our first apples of the season in your boxes!

1: Lemon Cucumbers have popped up again.  You can use them as you would a regular cucumber.  They are a bit sweeter and lighter.  The skins are pretty soft, so if you slice them thin, you don't necessarily need to peel them.

2:  Ginger Gold apples, picked on Tuesday.  They have a little more tartness than a Standard Gold because it is a cross between a Gold and a Jonathan.  The Jonathan gives it the touch of tartness/spice.  It is a cross pollinated apple, NOT genetically modified.

3: Jalapeño Peppers

4: Green Macintosh apples, also picked Tuesday.

5: Poblano Peppers, a bit larger this week and we'll continue to see some growth in the weeks to come.  Great for Chile Rellenos and other stuffed pepper dishes! 

You can use the peppers and lemon cucumbers in your box in this week's gazpacho recipe, just go easy and watch the spice level.

We hope you enjoy this week's boxes, thanks so much for your support!

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