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2019 Farm-to-Family Harvest Program
15 weeks from July 10 through October 16  
Our harvest boxes contain a great mix of artisan fruits, veggies, herbs, greens and squashes that you’ll recognize and know how to use.  We even throw in a few surprise items from time-to-time!  You can expect to receive a wide variety of produce that changes throughout the season as new crops mature.
Depending on timing, your harvest box may contain some of the following: cherries, apricots, peaches, pears, nectarines, plums, apples, berries, grapes, heirloom tomatoes, potatoes, a variety of hot and bell peppers, summer and winter squashes, carrots, green beans, peas, onions, beets, kohlrabi, chard, lettuces, kale, spinach, cucumbers, corn, eggplant, leeks, garlic or herbs. This list is not comprehensive, but is intended to give you an idea of our variety. The assortment increases as we move into peak growing season, with less variety at the beginning and end of the season.
If you are interested in cheese, eggs, meats, flowers etc., our Farm-to-Family members are welcome to add-on items to their harvest boxes from our wholesale list, which changes weekly based on availability. Please note that some wholesale items may only be available for delivery in the Roaring Fork Valley.  
In addition, we collaborate with Feed Yourself to include a recipe based on the items in your weekly harvest box.  Visit feedyourself.holistic.co or feed-your-self.com to learn more about the great support programs they offer and for free tips on subjects such as nutrient dense eating and proper food handling/storage. 
If you are curious about the growing practices at Austin Family Farm, please visit http://austinfamilyfarm.csasignup.com/description



Please note, weights are based on season long averages, they are approximate and are not guaranteed, as the type of produce included from week-to-week varies. While we strive to meet these standards as often as possible, there are weeks when items such as lightweight leafy greens or heavy squashes will result in boxes being under or overweight.

Mixed Fruit/Vegetable Harvest Box
STANDARD SIZE (8 - 10 lbs for 1 - 2 people) $480
FAMILY SIZE (16 - 20 lbs for 3 – 5 people) $910
Fruit Only Harvest Box (will contain 3-5 items per week)
STANDARD SIZE (8 - 10 lbs for 1 - 2 people) $525
FAMILY SIZE (16 - 20 lbs for 3 – 5 people) $990
Vegetable Only Harvest Box
STANDARD SIZE (8 - 10 lbs for 1 - 2 people) $450
FAMILY SIZE (16 - 20 lbs for 3 – 5 people) $870
The Flex Harvest Box is the same size and offers the same items as our Mixed Fruit/Vegetable Box.  The Flex Box is an 8-week program and you get to choose the weeks.  After registering as a member, you simply need to call or email, one week prior, to let us know you want delivery.  You can take a month off and/or order multiple boxes at once if you happen to be entertaining that week.  It is completely up to you, but it is your responsibility to make sure you order the 8 boxes you've paid for by the end of the season, as there are no refunds for orders that don't get placed.  
Flex Harvest Box
STANDARD SIZE (8 - 10 lbs for 1 - 2 people) $320
FAMILY SIZE (16 - 20 lbs for 3 – 5 people) $600


Our pricing includes delivery to all established drop locations. Click Join Now!, choose your harvest box and the following page will prompt you with available delivery locations.  

NEW THIS YEAR...if you live in the Roaring Fork Valley and prefer home delivery, for an additional $10 per week ($150 total for the 15 week season or $80 total for the 8 week Flex season), we can deliver directly to your home and stock your fridge if it is requested. In order to qualify for this service, we ask that you make space in your fridge prior to our arrival, and be sure that any pets in the home are either friendly or restrained. Please note, at this time, this additional service is only available in the Roaring Fork Valley from Aspen through Carbondale.  


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For  questions about our Farm-to-Family Harvest Program (outside the Roaring Fork Valley) please contact: Christina Hannon-Smith, Mountain Freshies 970-471-4416 info@mountainfreshies.co

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