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Farm-to-Family Host

Please let us know if you'd like to be a Farm-to-Family Host! If you are located along our existing route, we’d like for you to have a minimum of 5 members to establish a new delivery location.  

Business hosts often experience increased traffic to their establishment, and some use our Farm-to-Family program as a marketing tool. Current hosts include HOAs, schools, retail stores, municipalities, restaurants, natural food stores, health clubs, real estate offices and more!  It is also a great benefit for employees to be able to receive their harvest box at their place of work. 


We need to know if the location is open to the public or only to be used for employees/homeowners/club members etc. 
If there are 10+ members using the location, we’ll provide a complimentary, standard size mixed box (or credit in the same amount towards the family box) to the owner of the property/business or to whoever is helping us manage the program. 
If you prefer, we will donate 5% of the member fees, to a 501C3 of your choice.  There is no minimum number of members required in order to qualify for this end-of-season rebate donation.
The boxes are small and easily stackable, they do not need to be refrigerated at the drop location, but they must be stored either indoors or in a cool/shaded area, safe from theft/predators.  For residential neighborhoods, covered porches and garages are good options.  We ask our members to return their boxes each week to be reused, so there needs to be space to store empty boxes which we’ll pick up the following week when we make the next drop. 
We ask our customers to pick up their box on the day of delivery.  The boxes are all labeled with the customer’s name and phone number. If a box is not picked up, then we ask the person managing the drop location to call the customer or to contact us, so we can connect with the customer.  Hosts should be willing to work with members, perhaps by bringing their box inside overnight, until it can be picked up.  If it is not picked up within a reasonable time period, it becomes the property of the program manager.

Please contact Nancy Scheinkman at 970-379-9280 or admin@mountainfreshies.com for more information if you'd like to establish a new location.  Thank you for your support!  

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