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Farm-to-Family Host

Please let us know if you'd like to be a Farm-to-Family Host! If you are close to our existing route, we’d like for you to have a minimum of 5 members to become an official delivery location. If you are outside of our area, please reach out and let us know you are interested, as we are always looking for opportunities to expand our Farm-to-Family Program in addition to wholesaling to retailers, or supplying buying groups who have their own members.

Here's what works best:

Have a sheltered area, protected from weather and predators.

For residents, covered porches and garages are good choices.

For businesses, coolers, office lobbies or other areas inside the establishment..we will work with you to determine the most suitable situation.

For private residences, the Harvest Boxes need to be accessible to the members through the evening of the delivery date. We ask that hosts be willing to contact members that haven’t picked up that day to determine if there is a problem. Hosts should also be willing to work with the members, perhaps by bringing their box indoors overnight until they can come pick it up. 


Hosts who help us recruit 10 or more members for their site will receive either a free or discounted membership (depending on the share you choose.)

Business hosts often experience increased traffic to their establishment, and some use our Farm-to-Family program as a marketing tool. Current hosts include HOAs, schools, retail stores, municipalities, restaurants, natural food stores, fitness/nutrition centers, real estate offices and more! Cross-promotion opportunities abound!

Businesses are encouraged to offer the Farm-to-Family program to their employees as a benefit.

501C3 organizations can use our Farm-to-Family program for fundraising, receiving 5% of the membership fees as a donation to your beneficiary in an end of season rebate.                                 

Please contact Nancy Scheinkman at 970-379-9280 or admin@mountainfreshies.com for more information.  Thank you for your support!  

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For  questions about our Farm-to-Family Harvest Program (outside the Roaring Fork Valley) please contact: Christina Hannon-Smith, Mountain Freshies 970-471-4416 info@mountainfreshies.co

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2019 Farm-to-Family Harvest Program   15 weeks from July 10 through October 16     Our harvest boxes contain a great mix of artisan fruits, veggies, herbs, greens and squashes th

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